Swimming Pool Filter

Swimming Pool Filtration Plants

We are one of the top companies in the industry known for producing and distributing swimming pool filtration. The main purpose of these filtration plants is to rid swimming pools of solids, dirt, and insoluble waste. The filtration systems we provide guarantee thorough pool cleaning as well as the appearance, hygienic condition, and safety of the pool water. These filtration plants are in high demand because of their advantages, which include low maintenance costs, great performance, and simple installation.

Water Filtration Sand

Sand filtration is used to remove suspended debris, floating and sinkable particles. The wastewater passes through a fine gravel or sand bed vertically. Particles are eliminated through physical encapsulation or absorption. It is necessary to rinse the filter if there is significant pressure loss.

Swimming Pool Cartridge Filter

The filtration system does not require backwashing when the cartridge element is simply removed from the filter tank for routine cleaning. Features: UV-resistant, low-profile, compact tank. With a strong lock ring, the cartridge element is easily accessible.